beautiful visual display

Beautiful Visual Display

  • Stunning High Definition scans are used for the best quality images and easy recognition
  • Binders are shown in 3-card columns, similar to the binders we’re all used to
  • Keep track of both Foil and Regular quantities
  • Easily change how your binder is organized whether by color, type, set or name
  • Quickly show only certain cards in your binder based on color, type or edition
  • With a single tap, get the stats on your Binder – broken down by Foil, Regular, Rarity and Color





Create Amazing Decks


Create Amazing Decks

  • Powerful deck builder that makes creating decks quick and easy
  • Fully integrated with Binder so you can easily see if you own enough cards to build your deck
  • Test your deck out by Goldfishing
  • Get sample hands of your deck to see how it will draw
  • See a complete break down of your deck by Converted Mana Cost, Color and Card Type
  • Share your deck via Facebook, email, or messages
  • Import/Export your decks using the open .dec format






search every card

Search Every Card Ever Printed

  • Built in database has details of every Magic: The Gathering card that was ever printed*
  • Powerful and robust search makes it quick and easy to find the right card
  • Search the entire database, or just your binder
  • All fields are optional, so just put in what you know

*Full database requires an In-App purchase

offline support


Complete Offline Support

  • Card information is stored locally so you’ll be able to search for cards even when you don’t have an Internet connection
  • Card images are saved to your device, so once you view a card, you’ll always have the image with you
  • Limited data on your device? Toggle off downloading images and continue viewing your binder with no limitations