In-App Purchases

Reliquary offers several In App Purchases in order to expand its functionality.


Unlock All Upgrades – $7.99
This will unlock all current and future upgrades. This includes the full database as well as any additional upgrades that may be released.

Unlock Complete Database – $3.99
Once you’ve tested Reliquary and would like to enable all magic cards released, this purchase will unlock every card in the database.

Unlock More Cards

Unlock All Regular Sets – $1.99
This purchase will unlock a small section of the card database. It includes all regular sets and their expansions, but does not include any special reprints such as From the Vault or Duel Decks.

Unlock Promo Sets – $2.99
This purchase will unlock a small section of the card database. It includes all promotional cards as well as the special reprints such as From the Vault and Duel Decks.

Extra Features

Disable Ads  $0.99
Disables all ads within Reliquary. All bundles include this purchase.

Online Deck Share  $0.99
Allows you to search popular Magic: the Gathering websites for decks and import them directly into Reliquary. If you’re running Reliquary 3.2 or higher, you can also save your decks to select websites. The list of websites this feature supports will continue to grow, so check back frequently. Also, feel free to suggest additional websites here.

Unlimited Deck Sheets – $0.99
This will allow you to create an unlimited amount of Deck Sheets that you can print via AirPrint or email away for quick and easy tournament registration.

Create Custom Cards – $0.99
This will allow you to create create custom cards and add them to Reliquary. Once the custom cards are added, you can search for them as well as add them to your Binders/Decks. When an official database update is available, Reliquary will try to match your custom cards with their official form. This is perfect for Spoiler Season so you can prepare your deck(s) for the release of new cards.