As We Return to Innistrad, We Start to Leave Tarkir

Shadows over Innistrad

A database update is now available for Reliquary that includes hundreds of cards from the following great sets:

  • Shadows over Innistrad
  • Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed
  • Welcome Deck 2016

However, with all the excitement of new cards, it’s easy to forget that Wizards has a changed the timing for the rotation of the Standard Format. As such, when Shadows over Innistrad enters Standard, two sets will be leaving:

  • Khans of Tarkir
  • Fate Reforged

As with each Standard rotation, any cards that are rotating out will also become unavailable for search in Reliquary if one of several In-App Purchases have not been made. Remember though that any Decks or Binders you have made will not be affected.

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