Powerful Search

With the powerful search feature of Reliquary, you can search for just about any card that has been created…including digital only cards! The database is stored locally on your device, so even if you don’t have internet access, you’ll always be able to look up cards.

Use just about any part of the card as a way to search for it. Put in as much or as little information as you’d like, and Reliquary will find the card(s) you’re looking for

Easily switch between seeing all the matching cards, or only the most recently printed version

Select a card and see a high quality scan of it as well as its average regular and foil prices from TCGPlayer.com. You can even buy the card with a single tap

Change tabs to add/remove any amount of the card to/from your binder. You can even keep track of cards that you’re looking to own. Or, tap the Deck Box in the top right corner to change how many are in your deck

See a beautiful list of all the search results as well as a summary of each card

Easily modify your Binder or Deck directly from the search result page using the Quick Add Button

Reliquary has full offline support, so even without an internet connection, you can always look-up cards

Create custom cards and add them to Reliquary so you can prepare your deck ahead of time when new sets come out (Requires In-App Purchase)