Collection Binder

The Binder is the core feature of Reliquary. It is the best way to show off your vast Magic collection in a way that is fast and easy for you as well as anyone looking at your collection.  Your binder is deeply integrated with the Deck Box so you can check to see if you own the cards needed to build your next amazing deck, and even mark the cards that are in the deck as “not tradable” so that they won’t show up in your binder, but you’ll still have a record of owning them.

beautiful visual displayStunning High Definition scans are used for the best quality images and easy recognition, all layer out in a format that you’ve been using for years

While looking at your collection, people can you can start a trade and keep track of all the cards you own that they are looking for

Create as many Binders as you’d like. Keep them on your device, or store them on Dropbox to access it on all your devices. You can even import/export CSV files to quickly edit your binder on your computer

binder statsWith a simple tap, you are shown the total value of your binder as well as how many cards you have in your collection

Reliquary will calculate the value of both sides of the trade so you know that both people are getting a fair deal