General Questions

How can I send feedback/report a problem/make a suggestion?
There are several ways you can contact us. To send us general feedback or request a feature, you can fill out the form here. If you notice a card image missing, please fill out the form here. If there is something wrong with the text of a card, let us know here. To report a problem with the app, please fill out this form. You can also send an email to support@reliquaryapp.com for any reason. We will try to reply to any contact within a week.

If you’re contacting us to report the app crashing, please attach your device’s crash logs. You can find instructions on how to get them here.

Card Database

Is the entire Magic The Gathering card database available offline?
Yes! Any English language card that is available on Gatherer is available at all times from within the app. You do not have to have an active internet connection to search for cards

What parts of the card can I search?
Any text that you enter in the “Search” field while searching for a card will be used to search in the card’s name, type and rules text.

How frequently will new sets be added to the database?
We will strive to update the database shortly after Wizards makes the card data publicly available on Gatherer. Typically when new cards are added to Gatherer, low quality images will be added also. High Quality images will come a few weeks later.

How do I get database updates?
Unless you tell it not to, Reliquary will check for an updated database every time you launch it. However, you can manually check by going to Settings and tapping “Check for Update”. If an update is available, you can download it over the air.

Sharing Your Binders

How can I share my binders with other people?
You can post the contents of your binder on your Facebook wall. You can also send it in an email. When you email your binder, a copy of your binder will be attached to the email, so the person you share you binder with will be able to open it on their device.

Can I keep my binders on multiple devices?
Absolutely! You can export your binders to Dropbox or into iTunes File Sharing, then load them on each of your devices.

Reliquary Lite

What are the differences between the full and lite versions of Reliquary?
There are not many differences between the two:

  • Reliquary Lite only contains cards that were printed in sets that are part of the current Standard rotation. You can find that list here
  • You will be notified of database updates and new cards, but they will not be accessible
  • That’s it! Other than the size of the database, the lite and full versions are identical
How can I upgrade from the Lite version to the full version?
There are a few simple steps to take in order to upgrade to the full version of Reliquary:
  • Go to the Settings Tab
  • Scroll down to Upgrades
  • Select “Unlock Full Database”
  • That’s it! All current and future cards will be accessible

What happens when sets rotate out of Standard? Will I lose my Binder/Deck that have non-Standard cards in them?
Not at all. Your Binders and Decks will not be touched when cards rotate out. You will still be able to do everything you cold normally do, they just won’t show up in searches anymore. The only exception is that if you try to import a Binder or Deck that contains a now non-Standard card, Reliquary will be unable to add the card.

Card Images

Are the images saved to my device?
Yes. When Reliquary downloads card images, it saves them to your device’s caches folder. This means that for the most part, the images will be there until you delete the app. However, if your device is running low on storage space, it may delete the caches directory to free up some space. Beginning with Reliquary 4.0, we have added the ability to store the card images in a more permanent location. This way your device will not be able to delete the images unless you tell it to. Keep in mind though that if you have this option enabled, your iTunes/iCloud backups may get quite large
What should I do if there is a card with no image?

Please let us know about it right away. We have a form set up for that purpose here. We will try our hardest to get an image available.