Version 2.0 Available on App Store

Version 2.0 is now available on the App Store.

***Note: This update requires iOS7

Reliquary is already the best way to organize your Magic collection, and its even better now with it’s biggest update yet:


***Deck Box***

  • Powerful deck builder that makes creating decks quick and easy
  • Fully integrated with Binder so you can easily see if you own enough cards to build your deck
  • Mark cards in your deck as “Not Tradable” with two taps to hide them from your binder
  • Get sample hands of your deck to see how it will draw
  • See a complete break down of your deck by Converted Mana Cost, Color and Card Type
  • Share your deck via Facebook, email, or messages
  • Import/Export your decks using the open .dec format


***Other Improvements***

  • New look and feel for iOS7
  • You can now set how many of your cards are tradable and tell Reliquary to only show those
  • Export your Binder as a CSV file
  • Manually refresh a card’s image or price
  • Sort search results by Mana Cost (perfect for building a deck)
  • Search through the list of Editions
  • View a card directly on Gatherer
  • Various bug fixes

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