Version 3.0 Available

We’ve been working hard to squash bugs and add great features. Reliquary and Reliquary Lite 3.0 is now available. Keep the comments coming and let us know what you’re looking to help make Reliquary even better than ever.

Viewing Cards

  • The tab bar hides to leave more room for the card image or information
  • Share cards or save the image to your device from the More Actions menu

Searching for Cards

  • Improved CMC, Power and Toughness search (you can now search for greater-than or less-than in addition to equal-to)
  • Search for cards by what mana they produce
  • Limit results to only unique cards
  • Edit your deck right from the search results
  • Magic 2014 though Journey into Nxy added (Reliquary Lite only)

Binder View and Deck Box

  • Added Mana Symbol counts to deck stats
  • Copy your Deck to use it as a starting point
  • Leave notes with your Binder or Deck
  • Download all images for your Binder with one tap
  • Backup all your Binders or Decks with one tap

New In-App Purchases

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