Reliquary 3.1 Now Available

Reliquary version 3.1 is now available on the App Store! Version 3.1 is loaded with bug fixes as well as a number of great features that will keep proving that Reliquary is the best app to keep track of your Magic collection…

RSS Reader

  • We’ve added a build-in RSS reader that will check various Magic sites daily for news
    • This Blog
    • StarCity Games
    • Channel Fireball
    • TCGPlayer
  • Add any other sites you’d like (magic or not) and Reliquary will check those every day as well

Deck Box

  • We know that most of you only include your Rares and Mythics in your Binder. You can now tell Reliquary to ignore Commons and Uncommons when checking your Binder for the cards in your deck.
  • In addition to seeing sample hands of your deck, you can now test it out by playing a solo game.
  • Like playing Commander? While building a deck, you can specify what creature your Commander is.
  • Deck stats now also tell you how many mana sources you have
  • If you purchased Find Decks Online, you can now search StarCity Games for decks


  • Negotiate the perfect trade by seeing the value of not only what you’re trading away, but also what you’re getting

Searching for Cards

  • You can now view search results as a beautiful grid that shows your full image of each card
  • We’ve added the Rulings that can be found on Gatherer. This does require a complete rebuild of the internal database, but don’t worry, you can continue to use Reliquary without doing this rebuild. However, you will not receive any additional updates until you do the rebuild.
  • When sorting your search by Set, they results are also sorted by card number

We know that you’re all going to love these new features, and we’re already hard at work preparing the next great update. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out.