Reliquary 5.0 Now Available

We have been working hard to add great new features to Reliquary and to incorporate some of the awesome new features of iOS9. Here is a rundown of all the fantastic improvements that have been made:

iOS9 Features

– App Thinning: Reliquary has gone on a diet and a version optimized to your device will be downloaded ensuring that it takes up less space
– iPad Multitasking: Full support for SlideOver and Split screen multitasking on iPad models that support it
– Spotlight Search: Your decks and binders will be indexed by your device and be searchable directly through Spotlight
– 3D Touch Quick Actions to Search for Cards, Create a New Deck, or quickly jump to your current loaded Binder/Deck

Searching for Cards

– Search by artist or flavor text
– Added Subtype search field
– View detailed information about each set (see below)

Detailed Set Stats

– View a complete breakdown of the stats of any set that Reliquary knows about including: Rarity, Color, Card Type, Price, Mana Cost
– (keep in mind that an in-app purchase is required to view the stats on any set that is not part of the current Standard rotation)

Viewing Cards

– Added the ability to view all versions of a card to the More Actions Menu
– View each card’s legality in Standard, Modern, Legacy, Commander, Vintage and Tiny Leaders

Binder Improvements

– Prices of cards are now visible directly from the binder
– New settings have been added to control how tradable cards are handled (see below for more details)

New Settings

– Show/Hide prices when viewing your Binder
– Control whether or not adding a new card to your Binder automatically makes it tradable
– Decide if adding a card to your Binder will automatically decrease the number you want

Binder/Deck Backups

– You can now backup your Binders and Decks to either iTunes or Dropbox

Various Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue that happened when you filtered the list of Sets
– Fixed the positioning of some text fields
– Under the hood improvements

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