Reliquary 3.3 Available

Reliquary 3.3 is now available on the App Store

Push Notifications

  • Receive push notifications to let you know when card updates are available as well as important app news and so much more

Deck Box

  • From the Manage Decks menu, you can now create two Deck Sheets for easy tournament registration

In-App Purchases

  • Create unlimited Deck Sheets for easy tournament registration

Bug Fixes

***Please Note: Reliquary Lite will be discontinued as of December 1st. When this happens, Reliquary will become a free app with an in-app purchase to unlock the full card database. To avoid having to purchase Reliquary twice, please open Reliquary and goto Settings > Upgrades and purchase “Unlock Complete Database”. This in-app purchase will be free until December 1st to allow you time to purchase it. If you do not purchase it by then, you will have to pay again if you ever need to download Reliquary again.