Welcome to the new Reliquaryapp.com!

Welcome to the new Reliquaryapp.comI’m happy to welcome you to the new and improved Reliquaryapp.com. After a ton of work, the new website is up and running and looks great both on the computer as well as mobile devices! The launch of the new website was supposed to coincide with the launch of Reliquary 4.0 on the App Store, but there is still some testing to be done with it to make sure it’s as perfect as it can be before it’s release. However, please take this time to look around the new website to get a preview of some of the great new features that will be added to Reliquary in the coming weeks.

One of the biggest and most requested features we’ve had is full and native iPad support, and as you can tell from the new screenshots, it’s finally coming. We took great care to make sure that the iPad version of Reliquary is every bit as beautiful as the iPhone version. Our users are our first priority, which is why we chose not to make a separate “Reliquary HD” app.  This means that if you’ve already bought any of Reliquay’s great In-App Purchases, you’ll be able to restore them to your iPad for free!

Keep looking out for the official release of Reliquary 4.0, and if you haven’t already, download Reliquary now from the App Store and start organizing your collection and decks like never before!


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